HPSC Assitant Town Planner 2023 – Recruitment – Syllabus

Haryana Public Service Commission is recruiting Assistant Town Planners for 20 vacant posts. The recruitment Process will be held via a written competitive exam and a personal interview. In this article, we are sharing the exam pattern and syllabus of HPSC ATP 2024 Recruitment.

Candidates who have applied for the HPSC Assistant Town Planner 2023 are now probably thinking about preparing for the recruitment exam. The first concern should be the Exam Pattern and Syllabus. To familiarise yourself with the exam a candidate gets a basic idea about the preparation strategy to crack this exam and get a prestigious job in the Haryana Government.

keeping this in mind we are sharing this article to help you to understand all about the exam pattern, number of questions, marking system, time duration and all other things. Most important is the syllabus by which you can make a map for your preparation from now.

As you know application window has been opened for 2nd time with the increased number of posts for this recruitment. You may have enough time to prepare.

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HPSC Assitant Town Planner 2023 – Syllabus (Expected)

We are sharing the expected syllabus of the HPSC assistant town Planner vacancy in 2023 based on the previous vacancy for the same post in 2019.

1. MATERIALS AND PRINCIPLES OF CONSTRUCTION:Site Development and Layouts, Principles on of Service Lines and Networks.
2. STATISTICAL METHOD-IData Presentation, Statistical Methods, Correlation Probability
4. APPLIED GEOLOGYEarthquake, Selection of Site and Foundations, Ground Water
6. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING AND APPLICATIONS-1Introduction, Flow Charts, Other Packages, Word Processing Package and its Application.
7. PLANNING THEORY-IConcept Formation and Perception of Space, What is Planning, Physical Planning, Process of
Planning, Plan Preparation and Implementation Agencies.
8. TECHNIQUES OF PLANNING-ITechniques of Preparing Base Maps, Physical Surveys
9. ECOLOGY AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENTEcosystem and its Relevance to Environment, Environmental Impact Studies.
10. TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION PLANNING-IUrbanisation and Transport Problem, Urban and Regional Road Design, Surveys and Studies,
Geometric Design of Roads and intersections, Traffic Management.
11. PLANNING THEORY –IIUrban Structure and Growth, Land Use Planning, Types of Planning, Principles of Regional
Planning, Regional Planning in India.
12. TECHNIQUES OF PLANNING – IIPlanning Practice in India, Spatial Standards, Regional Survey, Plan Preparation Techniques.
13. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCEEnvironmental Disruptions, Solid Waste Management.
14. ELEMENTS OF ECONOMICSIntroduction to Urban and Regional Economics.
16. UTILITIES AND SERVICES PLANNINGIntroduction, Basic Concepts and Theories, Storm Water System, Sanitation and Sewer
Systems, Water Supply System, Solid Waste Disposal.
17. DEMOGRAPHY AND URBANISATIONStudy of Population, Study of Demography, World Urbanisation and Urbanisation in India,
Settlement Systems and Role of Urban Area, Policies and Strategies for Directing Urbanization
Trends in India.
18. TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION PLANNING-IIEvaluation of Urban Structures, Planning and Management of Transport System, Regional
Transport Systems, Transport and Environment, Economic Evaluation and Transport Policies.
19. HOUSING AND COMMUNITY PLANNINGHousing as a Basic Human Necessity, Housing Standards, Planning and Design of Housing
Areas, Housing and Finance Policies.
20. SETTLEMENT GEOGRAPHYIntroduction of Settlement Geography, Classification of Settlements, Rural Settlements, Urban
21. DEVELOPMENT PLANNINGDeveloped, Developing and Under-Developed Economics, Classical Theories of Development,
Modern Theories of Development, Models of Development, Issues in Growth and
22. URBAN DESIGN AND CONSERVATIONElements of Urban Design, Basic Principles of Conservation, Aspects of Urban Conservation.
23. OPERATIONS RESEARCH AND SYSTEMS ANALYSIS/COMPUTER APPLICATION – IIILinear Programming Problems, Transportation Problems, Queuing Systems, PERT and CPM
Networks, System Simulation.
24. PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF INFORMAL SECTOR AND BASIC NEEDSBasic Needs, Alternative Approaches for Delivery of Basic Services to the Urban Poor, Migratory
Impulses and Impact on Informal Sector, Consequences of Spontaneous Growth.
25. LANDSCAPE PLANNING AND DESIGNLandscape Elements, Urban Landscape.
26. ELEMENTS OF SETTLEMENT SOCIOLOGYBasic Concepts of Society, Urban and Industrial Sociology, Neighbourhood Concept.
28. RURAL AND RESOURCE PLANNINGVillage Planning: Concepts and Institutional Framework, Rural Planning in Relation to
National and Regional Policies, Resource Planning Development and Management,
Community Development and Participation.
29. URBAN MANAGEMENTLegal Framework, Urban Management, Organisations Involved in Urban Management,
Coordination of Participation.
30. PROJECT PLANNING AND CONTROLIntroduction to Project Management.
31. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICERole of Planner, Valuation, Methods of Real Property Valuation.
32. PLANNING LEGISLATIONConcept of Law, Indian Constitution, Land Acquisition Act, Case Studies Related to Land
Acquisition Act, Organisations for Plan Implementation.
33. POLITICAL SYSTEMS AND PLANNINGDecision Making, Leadership, Communication, Political Systems, Social Systems and
Planning, Conflicts.
34. CITY AND METROPOLITAN PLANNINGUrban Growth and System of Cities, City – Region Linkages, Metro and Mega Cities :
Problems and Issues, Human Settlement Planning and Urban Development, Urban Policies and
35. INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNINGWater Supply and Sanitation, Solid Waste Disposal and Management, Fire and Electrification,
Traffic and Transportation, Social Infrastructure.
36. URBAN HERITAGE CONSERVATIONIntroduction to Urban Heritage, Heritage Conservation
Process, Planning Interventions, Plans, Policies and Programmes, Legislation.
39. PLANNING FOR TOURISMIntroduction to Tourism, Tourism sector – impacts, Planning for Tourism, Policies and
40. URBAN DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENTUrban Development Management, Urban Reforms
41. PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENTProject Evaluation and Monitoring
42. ENVIRONMENT, DEVELOPMENT AND DISASTER MANAGEMENTManagement, Disaster, Disaster Mitigation and Management
43. URBAN GOVERNANCEOverview of Urban Governance, Urban Local Governance, Participatory Process in Urban
44. POLITICS AND PLANNINGInterface Between Politics and Planning, City and the State.
45. ENERGY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND URBAN DEVELOPMENTEnergy planning and management, Plans, Policies and Strategies.
46. DEVELOPMENT FINANCEState and Municipal Finance, Financing Mechanism.
47. LEGAL ISSUES AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN PLANNINGUnderstanding of Law, Planning Legislation, Professional Practice.
48. PLANNING FOR REGIONSConcepts and Typology of Regions, Regions in India and its planning, Future Regions
49. REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTUREInfrastructure Management: Planning Issues, Role and functions of Infrastructure in a Region
50. PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTUREWater, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Regional connectivity (Roads, Railways),
51. SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTUREHealth, Education, Socio-Cultural and Recreational, Economic Infrastructure, Line
Infrastructure, Expected Learning Outcome.
52. DISTRICT PLANNING AND RURAL DEVELOPMENTDistrict Planning, Rural Planning and Development (Rural Area Planning, Rural Infrastructure
Development), Changing Profile of the Rural areas of India, Inclusive Development,
Participatory Planning Process.
53. LAND MARKETS AND MANAGEMENTLand Policy and Land Markets, Supply Side Management (Regulation in Land Markets, Land
Utilisation, Land Management Techniques), Demand side Management.
54. POVERTY & DEVELOPMENTUnderstanding Poverty, Measures of poverty, Indicators of poverty, Rural Poverty, Urban
Poverty, Policies and programmes.
55. ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENTEnvironment and Development, Environmental Risks and Impact. Role of Institutions in
Environment management, Disaster Preparedness, Prevention and Mitigation, Disaster
Mitigation Planning and resource management, Disaster Education.
56. PROJECT PLANNINGIntroduction, Appraisal (Technical Appraisal, Financial Appraisal, Economic Appraisal, Social
Appraisal, Commercial Aspects of Appraisal, Environmental Appraisal, Institutional
Appraisal, Risk and Uncertainty), Methods of financing, Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
& Practical Problem Solving, Expected Learning outcome.
57. INSTITUTIONAL ANALYSIS AND GOVERNANCEPlanning Organisations, Decentralisation of Powers, Participatory Governance, Network
58. LEGAL ISSUES IN PLANNING & PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEIntroduction, Concepts and Significance of Law, Indian Constitution and Evolution of Planning
Legislation, Evolution of Planning Legislation, Policy, Acts and Laws, (Policy, Acts, Law),
Significance of Land Development Control.
59. RESETTLEMENT AND REHABILITATION (R&R)Land Development and Resultant Resettlement, Impact of Resettlement and Rehabilitation
Plan, Rehabilitation, Participation as an important tool for R & R.
60. SPATIAL DATA INFRASTRUCTURE (SDI)From Global to Local SDI applications, SDI application in Planning and Decision Support,
PGIS, Technology in SDI and decision support system.
61. POLITICS AND PUBLIC POLICYState as a manager of resources, Politics of Provision, Public Policy, (Nature and Making of
Public Policy, Public Policy Analysis, Public Policy and Management in the Information Age,
Public policy Management and Delivery), Strategic Policy Planning, Sectoral Policy Analysis.
Syllabus of HPSC Assistant Town Planner (Expected for 2023) based on HPSC ATP Syllabus of 2019

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